[album cover art] anthene - present tense
glass-mastered CD in a matte-finish, luxury-grade digipak
download in wav, aac, mp3, etc via a Bandcamp code provided instantly

present tense


1present tense 6:00
2hold eternity 4:44
3patterns of snow 3:51
4monochrome 4:23
5boundless and leaving 1:38
6caught in the headlights 5:49
7where do we go from here 4:49
8blue light 8:40
9monochrome (awakened souls rework) 4:23
10caught in the headlights (IKSRE rework) 4:46

Written and recorded by Brad Deschamps
9 by Cynthia & James Bernard
10 by Phoebe Dubar
Mastered by Andrew J Klimek
Photography by Stijn Hüwels

We are very pleased to welcome back Anthéne, with two remixes by our friends Awakened Souls, and IKSRE.

This album is in some ways the opposite of our last Anthéne release (Infinity Lines) and that is seen in the soft flowers of the cover photo (by Stijn Hüwels)… contrasting with the all grey and imposing tower in the mist use for Infinity Lines.
So the music itself is brighter and more uplifting, but still retains the signature Anthéne sound: a bit lofi, slow-paced layers building slowly to evoke a sort of stately beauty.

Infinity Lines was released in the early pandemic months, and there was no time for a physical release. I always regretted that as it may be my favorite album in his extensive catalog. So, with this release we’ve also put Infinity Lines on CD. 100 copies of each. Consider buying both together!