[album cover art] Phillip Wilkerson - Wondrous Encounters

Wondrous Encounters
Phillip Wilkerson

label: self-released
release date:

1Into the Blue 6:24
2They Came and Were Gone 6:27
3First Glimpse of the Milky Way 5:23
4Asynchronous Maneuvers 7:48
5Ionized Drift 11:11
6Low Gravity Field 15:08
7Wondrous Encounters 6:32
8Above the Clouds 10:44
9[Bonus Track] Range Safety Clear 14:10
10[Bonus Track] Unidentified Flying Objects 9:26
11[Bonus Track] Other Travellers (Wondrous Mix) 5:58
12[Bonus Track] Other Travellers (Janes scenic drive mix) 5:02