[album cover art] Maddy Briggs – Late Night Swim
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Late Night Swim
Maddy Briggs


1Late Night Swim I 5:27
2Late Night Swim II 7:14
3At Bay 6:24
4Late Night Swim II - Stillwater Mix 7:05
5At Bay - Stillwater Mix 6:00

‘Late Night Swim’ is a three-part project that recycles organ and piano recordings left over from the score composed for an upcoming short film (‘Eulogise Me’ directed by Alex Bateman). It’s my first venture into viewing sonic material as living, breathing and endlessly promising, rather than fixed in time.

‘At Bay’ is a single-take live recording of a performance within Max/MSP.

A massive thank you to Alice Brasser, who has let me use her work ‘Swim’ as the cover art and Andrew J Klimek for his invaluable support with this release.

Album Art courtesy of Alice Brasser – ‘Swim’, 2022
Music by Maddy Briggs
Engineered by Dylan Wallace
Mastered by Becki Whitton
4-5 bonus versions mixed/mastered by Andrew J Klimek


Maddy Briggs is an electronic musician based in Sydney, Australia. Using live instruments, her practice weaves heavily-processed recordings into highly-textural ambient and drone soundscapes.

A frequent collaborator with the APRA Award-nominated HiberNATION Festival, she has been commissioned by VIVID and the City of Sydney, and received both a mentorship and residency with the Australian Art Orchestra. She is also a member of experimental new music ensemble Chaos Collective.