[album cover art] .foundation – the azure sun suite
CDR in a gatefold sleeve with 6mm spine + a black paper inner sleeve
download in wav, aac, mp3, etc via a Bandcamp code provided instantly

the azure sun suite


1the azure sun suite 35:29
2clay 8:02
3coronal loop 8:16
4fields 4:24
5quiet region 8:47
6environment 9:22
7beneath the wind 5:00

This album started with “coronal loop”, which was a composition I originally wrote after playing a simulation game called Space Engine (spaceengine.org) to reflect the experience of flying into an azure-colored sun. That piece then organically evolved into several others which, over time, came together to be recomposed in matching keys to expand on that experience and explore different themes. The result is essentially two albums in one.

The main composition of the azure sun suite is a single 35-minute continuous mix, available on track 1. The piece is made of individual components that have been layered together to form the full experience. Tracks 2-7 are the separated versions of each movement, which were composed over the course of 6 months. These individual tracks make for more open and minimal listening, while the main continuous piece is a richer experience.

As always, thank you for listening.

A special thank you to Andrew J Klimek of Stereoscenic for helping with the endless details to get this piece finished and released.

– JC (.foundation)

w&p by Jake Carter
art by Natalie Garza