[album cover art] marine eyes – idyll (extended edition)
glass-mastered CD in a matte-finish, luxury-grade digipak
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idyll (extended edition)
marine eyes


1idyll 6:09
2cloud collecting 4:46
3shortest day 3:07
4first rain 5:08
5roses all alone 3:14
6on this fresh morning 4:30
7pink moment 4:22
8shortest day (reprise) 4:03
9you'll find me 3:45
10roses all alone (veiled) 3:45
11make amends (b-side) 3:58
12cloud collecting (poemme remix) 5:59
13idyll (ludvig cimbrelius resting in clouds mix) 6:04
14on this fresh morning (IKSRE remix) 4:17
15pink moment (andrew j klimek remix) 4:22
16roses all alone (james bernard remix) 4:30
17you'll find me (inquiri remix) 5:36

when andrew and i started the conversation about a reissue of the ‘idyll’ cd, we didn’t plan on turning this into a full other album. however, it quickly became apparent that we were building something special with the additions so we kept going, and i am delighted we did.

each person i invited to do a remix has been a big part of my musical path, helping me believe in myself, encouraging me to share my art with the world, & inspiring me with their own art. deep gratitude to lacey, angela, phoebe, ludvig, james and andrew for pouring your hearts into this little project. <3 also, huge thanks to nevia pavletic for her stunning artwork!

the added alt version of ‘roses all alone’ is a little window into how my original sessions sounded before i stripped back some of the veil (which was especially noticeable on this track). and the b-side ‘make amends’ almost made it on the original album, and has been waiting for the right moment to be shared..2-years since idyll was originally released :)

thank you for listening, i hope you enjoy this collection of songs and it helps you find your own peaceful place.


music & production by cynthia bernard
artwork by nevia pavletic (www.neviapavletic.com)
mastered by andrew j klimek
1-9 originally released in 2021
10 is an early version of ‘roses all alone’
11 is an outtake from the original sessions
12-17 are remixed & performed by
(12) angela klimek, (13) ludvig cimbrelius, (14), phoebe dubar,
(15) andrew j klimek, (16) james bernard, (17) lacey harris