[album cover art] Hilyard – a wake in shadows
CDR in a sleeve with 3mm spine + a black paper inner sleeve
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a wake in shadows


1mantle of memories 6:45
2aerials 3:40
3whispers by firelight 5:15
4woodland hush 5:13
5mariaville falls 8:16
6fragile wraith 5:52
7a wake in shadows 3:33
8distant 6:44
9spirals 8:57
10windows (sleep mix) 6:14
11pillars (sleep mix) 5:38
12mantle of memories (sleep mix) 9:36

“A wake in shadows” is a funerary dirge for the lost and an implement of catharsis for the here and now. A warm embrace for cold nights when loneliness scrapes at the frozen windowpanes and shadows of ourselves dance on the periphery of the firelight. In the darkness of a hushed forest and a quiet mind, the leaves fall from whispering trees, their limbs shed bare in the frigid moonlight. In the spring the roots will feed on the past and sing bittersweet life into the canopy with a long sigh of ephemeral recompense.

This album isn’t meant to keep a listener sad or dwelling in trauma. But it can be difficult to relate to bright and joyful music when navigating a dark place. It’s my hope that ‘a wake in shadows’ will be a safe and pensive companion while dealing with grief or other heaviness or just a soundtrack at your hearthside.

Asleep in amber, a wake in shadows, reposed on the sorrow of firn…

Distant | Spirals previously released as single

Windows originally from Asleep in Amber

Pillars originally from Mercy Within

Mastered by Andrew J Klimek

Music & Artwork by Hilyard