[album cover art] wreath – Green Wall
CDR in a gatefold sleeve with 6mm spine + a black paper inner sleeve
download in wav, aac, mp3, etc via a Bandcamp code provided instantly

Green Wall


1Well 4:31
2Weeks Have Passed 2:49
3Green Wall 3:20
4Waiting for Your Train 2:02
5Thinking Back to June 3:40
6Distant Sources of Light 3:35
7117 AM 3:31
8Recense 2:36
9Esjan 3:47
10Our Mornings 2:14

I wrote these songs in a remote house in the woods of northern Virginia. Without access to much external stimulus, my creative practice and daily routine took on an almost ritualistic quality. With space for introspection, music became a way to reflect on memories, imagined circumstances, and a range of emotions. These songs serve as aural representations of feelings I’ve had, places I’ve been, and vignettes from my life. I hope you enjoy it.

music by John Hervey

mastered by Andrew J Klimek