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[album cover art] anthéne - infinity lines

infinity lines

[album cover art] Hilyard - On the Sorrow of Firn

On the Sorrow of Firn

[album cover art] Hilyard - Somnolent


[album cover art] poemme - Frozen Passages

Frozen Passages

[album cover art] Black Brunswicker - In the Age of Aristocracy

In the Age of Aristocracy

Composed using a collection of tape loops, acoustic guitar, and a handful of effects pedals to create a nostalgic sound yearning for the old world.

These tracks are inspired by the feelings I experienced while in the Czech Republic during my trip to Europe this past December.

May these songs help to bring peaceful images of rural countryside, pastel colored buildings, and sleepy old towns to your mind as you listen.

[album cover art] Gallery Six - The Red Bridge Over the Valley

The Red Bridge Over the Valley

[album cover art] Hilyard - Mercy Within

Mercy Within

[album cover art] zarr. - cloudform


[album cover art] poemme - Moments in Golden Light

Moments in Golden Light

[album cover art] Hilyard - Promontory Drift

Promontory Drift

[album cover art] poemme - Escape to Blue

Escape to Blue

[album cover art] Eternell - Beneath an Endless Sky

Beneath an Endless Sky

[album cover art] poemme - Day Arc

Day Arc

[album cover art] Ayan Das - Early Stories

Early Stories

[album cover art] poemme - Blooming Spring

Blooming Spring

[album cover art] poemme - Arboretum


[album cover art] poemme - Soft Ice

Soft Ice

[album cover art] Hilyard - Repose


[album cover art] tsone - Intimate Haze

Intimate Haze

[album cover art] Koen Daigaku - Forest in Full Bloom

Forest in Full Bloom

[album cover art] Hilyard - Asleep in Amber

Asleep in Amber

[album cover art] Gallery Six - Kirisame


[album cover art] Hilyard - Wintergarden


[album cover art] Ambient Sleeping Pill 4 (Various Artists)

Ambient Sleeping Pill 4

[album cover art] Saito Koji - Heavenly


[album cover art] Nobuto Suda - Terminus


[album cover art] Ambient Sleeping Pill 2 (Various Artists)

Ambient Sleeping Pill 2

[album cover art] Ambient Sleeping Pill 1 (Various Artists)

Ambient Sleeping Pill 1