[album cover art] Violet Light – Sonora
CDR in a sleeve with 3mm spine + a black paper inner sleeve
download in wav, aac, mp3, etc via a Bandcamp code provided instantly

Violet Light


1The Hills of Appalachia 4:30
2To the West 2:46
3South Along the Animas 2:51
4Hidden Forces 3:46
5Sonora 3:53
6The Violet Glow in Velvet Skies 2:34
7Somewhere Beyond Time 6:18
8Far Across the Coastal Plain 4:10
9The Hills of Appalachia (reprise) 2:07

Evan Hirsh has been releasing music as Violet Light on soundcloud since 2016, but mainly for personal enjoyment and without any official release. over 3 years ago now I contacted Evan about making a compilation of my favorites, but it took some time to unearth the originals. Finally we’re here and I think it was worth the wait.

Evan is a geologist and spent much of the last few years in the Sonoran desert. You can pick up on this from the titles and gentle field recordings, conjuring scenes of sweeping sands at dusk. The minimal, low-volume drones capture the peaceful majesty and fading light.

Please enjoy it!

music by Evan Hirsh 2016 – 2020

compiled, mastered, artwork by Andrew J Klimek